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We ensure your roof restoration is

Roof Painting


Professional and affordable roof painting services throughout New South Wales.

With significant expertise and knowledge in the roof painting and roof restoration industry, SK Group OZ is the team of experts that you can trust to finish the job and go beyond your expectations.

Our extensive range of roof painting services in Sydney will help you rejuvenate your roof, ensuring that it continues to serve its function in protecting your family whilst improving your home’s value. As one of the most renowned roof painting and roof restoration companies in Sydney, we comprehend that sometimes even the best-maintained roofs need more than cleaning to improve their appearances.

By partnering with SK Group Oz for all of your residential and commercial roofing projects, you are working with painting professionals who listen to the full scope and comply with your requirements, on time and on budget.

You can have complete peace of mind working with us to deliver quality painting service and excellent results.

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Why Choose

SK Group OZ?

We are dedicated to achieving the best results for your home or commercial property.

Our passion for what we do drives us to accomplish every project with flying colours.

We are trained and experienced painters who listen and care.

Our team only use the highest quality painting products for your project.

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We paint

Our Roof Restoration

Sydney Process

Painting roofs requires excellent attention to detail and significant preparation if your project is to be completed properly. Our experienced roof restoration team can execute tasks with precision – preparing the roof, selecting your paint options, and applying every coat correctly.

With a professional roof painting job from SK Group OZ, you can quickly improve your property’s overall look with a considerably more affordable process.

Rest assured that we follow our painting process to perfection. Having worked in the roof painting industry for 10 years, our experts have been trained to familiarise with each step, and trained to restore a variety of roofing materials including concrete tiles, terracotta and metal.

How We Work

With You


We learn everything we need to know about your roof painting project and your available budget. We listen to your needs and then determine the ideal solutions for your roof, based on our extensive knowledge about colour, finishes and painting expertise.


Our team of highly skilled, insured and fully trained roof painters value the safety of ourselves and the team working on your residential or commercial project. We comply with all OH&S standards, ensuring we minimise risks when painting on site.


Before we even begin painting, we clean, restore, sterilise and replace any broken tiles so that they are clean and ready. This guarantees the painting results that you deserve.


The next step is to prime your roof for painting, depending on the current condition of your tiled or metal roof. Priming differs depending on your type of roofing type. Please don’t hesitate to contact a team member for more information about our primer and sealants. Our experts will choose a primer or Dulux sealer that best suits your needs, and has the highest chances of extending the longevity of your roof.


Our highly skilled painters begin, adding colour and value using quality paint from the most trusted brands. Our roof painters pride themselves on their attention to detail. With the precision skills of airless spray painting, we ensure we don’t skimp out on quality.


Like you, we also have high expectations, so we perform an initial inspection throughout the painting process and address everything with the final coat. We also carry out a final quality control inspection afterwards to complete and sign off your roof painting job. This meticulous process delivers excellent results you can depend on every time you work with us.


There’s a misconception that Colorbond cannot be painted, but this is in fact a myth. Colorbond can be restored provided the correct paint is used on the roof and the work is executed by professional roof painters in Sydney who have the experience, and knowledge in Colorbond roofing.

Whatever roof type, the best roof tiles paints should efficiently seal, protect and bring the weathered roof tiles (including slate tiles) back to life. With the right kind of roofing paint, it can add many years to the life of your roof, increase your property’s value and maintain the like-new appearance of your roof. Our roof painting services include using modern roofing painting specifically formulated to achieve outstanding results for each specific application. Therefore, it pays to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve.


At SK Group Oz, we supply a range of Australia’s best Dulux Acratex Roof membrane coatings for both commercial and residential applications, including:


  • All metal roof types
  • Concrete and Terracotta tiles
  • Drinking water collection
  • Mould and dirt resistance
  • Anti-corrosion performance
  • Sealing porous concrete tiles
  • Enhanced thermal performance

Unfortunately this is untrue. Merely painting a roof white will not provide energy savings or lower your bill. Standard paints in fact can only reflect a percentage of visible light and still absorb (UV) and near-infrared rays. Standard white paint can actually absorb up to 95% of UV rays with the heat being transported directly to the roof surface and into buildings. The solar rays that ordinary white paint does not reflect will carry the heat directly to roof surfaces and into buildings as much as they would if the roof were not painted at all. White roof paint also does not affect the rate at which roofing materials release heat that is absorbed throughout the day. Efficiently releasing trapped heat will require specialised materials which are not present in standard white paint.

Roof paint lasts much longer than regular paint due to their thicker consistency and formulas. This promotes better adhesion to the roof material, and therefore prolonged lifetime. For acrylic and oil-based paints, the coating should be applied every 2-4 years. With elastomeric paint systems, you will be able to keep your metal roof protected from the elements for a good 10-20 years depending on application. Meanwhile, a high-quality silicone roof coating can last up to 15 years if properly maintained. If you’re looking to invest money painting your metal roof, it’s advisable to hire licenced roof painting services to ensure that all manufacturers guidelines are followed. They can give you the long-lasting result you are looking for with regular annual inspections, and maintenance.

This depends on the type of roof you have on your property. Whether your roof is made up of tiles or corrugated metal, they have different properties and adhesion characteristics. Therefore it’s important to be selective in your roof paint decisions. Additionally, roof paints have their own additional benefits such as fire resistance, ingredients that repel insects and pests, water resistance, and pigments to UV radiation to keep your home cooler. Therefore, it’s also crucial to find a paint that makes sense for your needs. At SK Group Oz, we offer both satin and gloss Acratex Roof Membrane paints that are ideal to repaint your roof. For terracotta tiled roofs, we suggest choosing our Acratex roof glaze (also from Dulux) which delivers a pristine clear coat to increase the longevity of your roof.

While it is possible to paint your own roof, it takes time, patience and commitment. You can use either a roller or specialised paint brushes designed for your unique roof type, or use an airless sprayer to get the job done more efficiently and evenly. Sprayers are best suited if your roof has a steep pitch. Anytime you’re walking on the roof, wear non-slip shoes and a safety harness to prevent serious injury.

If you’re looking to paint your roof in a quick turnaround or if you’re not confident that you can paint your own roof safely, it might be more beneficial to use the services of qualified professional residential painters.

For over a decade, SK Group Oz has delivered premium quality roof painting in Sydney to many residents. Boasting a keen attention to detail and dedication to delivering results you can see, we’ve established a reputation as industry leaders for our professionalism. We have been praised for our commitment to tailoring painting services to benefit the client and have maintained excellent customer satisfaction since our inception. With a combination of thorough preparation, painting techniques, high-quality materials and strict quality control measures, we ensure your roof painting requirements are met within budget and within a tight turnaround. Require our services? Don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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